Solar Water Heater - Domestic
Sun Shower

The water is heated during day time and it is stored in the Solar Tank for a period of 48 hours without any loss of heat. The Solar Tank is made of Stainless Steel and the collectors are with aluminum body, toughened glass, copper risers and copper absorber sheet (selectively coated ). Our Collectors are approved as per BIS Certification Marks License No.CM/L-4509361 and they conform to ISI specification. The total system is installed in the roof top and on one side of the Solar Tank, cold water is connected and from the other side piping is done upto bathroom and kitchen. The requirement at the site is basically shadow free area (as mentioned) facing south and the bottom of the overhead tank to be at a minimum of 5 feet height from the roof level. You can also choose to have optional electrical heater backup for the solar system to heat up the water during rainy or cloudy days.


The Solar Water Heating system is guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the date of installation. However, guarantee does not cover breakage of glass/scale formation in the collector or tank due to hard water usage.


2 Weeks from the date of confirmation of the Order with 50% Advance

DETAILS 100 LPD 60°C 200 LPD 60°C 300 LPD 60°C 500 LPD 60°C
Suitable for No of Persons 4-6 8-10 12-14 20-25
No of Bathroom 2 BR+1 KT 3 BR+1 KT 4 BR+2 KT 7 BR+3 KT
No of Panels 1 2 3 4
Electricity saved / month 120 Units 240 Units 360 Units 600 Units
Price Rs.25,000/ Rs.48,000/ Rs.74,000/ Rs.1,05,000/

The Price includes Electrical Heater and Installation charges.

GST @ 5% Extra, Transportation Charges – Extra (will be charged at the actual), Civil works, Inlet and Outlet Piping and Wiring for the electrical heaters are Extra

Please note – it is not advisable to use pressure pumps in the inlet of the solar water heating system.