Solar Power Plant

Generating electricity from solar is known as SOLAR POWER PLANT.

The types of solar power plant can be

Stand alone solar system : Produce sun power – use it your self and there is no grid supply at all at these locations. These system will have battery back up storage to power after sun light hours.

Off Grid solar system : Here you can have battery storage and also Grid supply to the solar inverter. When the sun power is available – after charging the battery – you can use them for your load and any shortage can come from grid or battery storage. In case of Grid supply failure , you can use the power from battery. In this type – you can export solar power to the grid supply and you have to consume it yourself. Ideally suitable for people living in power shortage countries.

Grid Tie Solar system : Here there is no battery. You produce power from sun light – use it or export to grid. If there is no grid – you can not use or export to grid. Here you can use NET METER concept and save on EB bills.

Solar Power plants : Here you set up projects in solar, produce power and export to grid totally like wind forms. With our experience and learning from the site needs – we have come out with a most suitable systems for DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL needs.