Solar Inverter - Solgen

SOLGEN – Solkar Solar Inverter is a revolutionary product where it can back up your regular electrical appliances like Tube lights, Fans, Television, Computers etc., First time in India, Solkar has developed Solar inverters with 2 most essential models – SOLGEN 600 VA and SOLGEN 1000 VA. SOLGEN 600 VA can back up 2 Tube Lights, 2 Ceiling Fans and 1 Television for 2 hours and SOLGEN 1000 VA can back up 3 Tube Lights, 3 Ceiling Fans and 1 Television for 3 hours.

For SOLGEN 600 VA AND SOLGEN 1000 VA the total charging is done by solar power for about 30% and rest by EB power. The products are very simple to install and requires practically no maintenance. The life of the solar module is about 20 years and battery life is about 3 years and the inverter life is about 5 years.

Model Solar Module Battery Capacity Inverter Price
SOLGEN 600 VA 75 W x 1 no 12V 100 AH x 1 no. 600 VA Rs.20,000/
SOLGEN 1000 VA 100 W x 1 no 12V 150 AH x 1 no. 1000 VA Rs.27,000/

The price given above does not include 5% GST, Transport and Installation cost of Rs. 500/, Civil work and Wiring connection of input and output from the Inverter. The Product consists of - Solar Module, Battery, Inverter, Stands for Solar Module and Battery, Cable upto 10 mtrs.


This Solar Module is guaranteed for a period of 10 years, Inverter for 2 years and Battery for 3 years from the date of supply. However the normal life of the battery will be 5 years at 25°C. The Solar module has no warranty if the glass is broken.